whym translation for travel. The language app for Android and iOS.

The translation app for travellers

When accuracy really matters, access an interpreter on your smartphone.

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What’s whym?

whym is a live translation app that gives travellers anywhere in the world, at any time of day, access to a professional interpreter.

For the times when Google Translate just won’t cut it, the traveller can simply take out their smartphone, tap the language they need and hey presto! Within 60 seconds, a professional (human, not machine!) interpreter will be on the line ready to help with all your language needs.

On your next adventure- business or leisure- make sure you’re not lost for words with our simple, but very clever, translation for travel app.

How does whym work?

Glide through our gallery and find out how whym works.


Get the whym: Translation for Travel app from either the Play store or the App store.

Sign up or Log In

If you’re new to whym, simply click on the ‘Sign up’ button and fill out your details. If you’re a returning customer, you can log in using your email and phone number.

Top up

You can top-up at any time via the ‘top up’ tab in the app via an in-app purchase. 8, 30 and 60 minute bundles are available.

Call an interpreter

Start talking! Tap the language you need in the app and confirm your call. This will automatically call an interpreter for the language you requested.

Want to know more?

Check out our post How does whym actually work?

 Partnerships and Affiliates

We’re always looking for partners across the travel industry. You too can provide your customers with peace of mind with the whym live translation app. Talk to us today about our affiliate programme, white label opportunities, partnerships and corporate deals. We will create the most flexible solution to suit all parties.

Be prepared for the unexpected with a live interpreter

Imagine your worst travel nightmare…now imagine you can’t speak the local language.
With whym, you’re still in a stressful situation, but at least you understand what’s happening.

Emergency situations, such as injuries/illness/hospital visits are very stressful when you can't speak the local language

“Disaster struck our family holiday. My critically ill toddler was rushed to hospital. I knew the situation was bad, but I was completely in the dark. I scream that I can’t speak Spanish! What’s wrong? What’s happening to him?”

Approached by police in Russia? Get an interpreter on your smartphone with whym. Nothing beats the accuracy of live translation.

“Sadly on a day out exploring St Petersburg my wife’s bag was snatched and stolen. A terrifying experience. Then we couldn’t successfully report the crime because we couldn’t make ourselves understood at the police station.”

Reduce the stress of a car breakdown while abroad with the whym: translation for travel app

“Somewhere south of Lisbon my rental car broke…The local mechanic gave up trying to explain, attached a tow, and bundled me into his recovery truck. I had no clue where we were going or what the problem was! “

No more missed international business opportunities with an interpreter from whym.

“Sometimes it’s hard to qualify the true cost of a missed business opportunity. Like that chance meeting I had to grab a potential investor’s attention in Shanghai…then I couldn’t arrange a Mandarin interpreter in time. “

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