whym.global ltd launches live translation app at WTM 2015

By Emilie Naude

What is whym?

Imagine your worst travel nightmare…then imagine you can’t speak the local language. You’re a mother on holiday with her young son who has become critically ill. You can’t understand any of the hospital staff; you know the situation is bad; you’re completely in the dark. What is happening to your son? What’s wrong? What’s everyone saying?

Terrifying, isn’t it?

Now, imagine you have access to a live interpreter directly from your smartphone. It’s still a stressful situation, but at least you know what’s happening! The “whym: Translation for Travel” app delivers accuracy when it really matters, whether that’s an emergency situation or an important business meeting.

What makes whym different?

whym has worldwide reach with its potential to be truly any language to any language. Its brilliance is its simplicity – in just 2 taps of the app you are connected directly to a live interpreter.

In the words of our MD Marcus Vaigncourt-Strallen, “We know that there are many apps that enable machine translation between 2 languages and we think some of these work well for casual interactions. But we know that there really are times when accuracy and confidence can only be provided by a professional interpreter. That’s why our app is designed to be as simple as possible, giving everyone the opportunity to have on-demand access to a live interpreter whenever and wherever they are”

How does whym work?

whym: Translation for Travel is available today to download from the Google Play store and will be available for iPhones in mid-November 2015.

For a monthly subscription of just £0.69 you have immediate access to 5 minutes of interpreter time each month. If you use those 5 minutes you can quickly and easily purchase additional interpreter time without leaving the app. Currently whym is an English based service, but we will be adding several new language versions over the next year.

Why are we at WTM?

We’re looking for partners and affiliates across the travel industry who wish to offer their clients the convenience and insurance of live translation with whym. We strongly believe that whym could enhance both brand and customer experience.

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