Interpretation has to be both incredibly accurate and conducted in real time. Hiring an interpreter who simply can’t keep up can cause delays, and depending on the setting, cost a lot of money. Poor interpretation can result in both parties walking away from a conversation believing something to have been agreed, when in actual fact they were talking at cross purposes the whole time. Whether you’re needing an interpreter for business or something else entirely, hiring someone who is simply not qualified will cause a lot of extra headaches.


International business trips can help a company to grow. Giving them access to new markets and new customers, there’s nothing that can beat a face to face meeting. However there are many potential costs if the interpretation during these meetings is not up to scratch. Potentially agreeing terms that you misunderstand, or resulting in orders being placed incorrectly, poor translation can prove to be costly and create a negative impression of your company. This could result in your company ceasing to receive orders from that business, or in severe cases, that country as a whole.


If you find yourself in hospital in a foreign country, it is an extremely daunting experience. An interpreter will reassure your fears and ensure that whatever the doctors tell you is accurately interpreted. If the interpretation is poor, then it could have some serious ramifications. You may not fully understand the severity of your illness – or you may believe it to be worse than it is. Either way, this could have a long-term impact upon your health because you have not understood how to care for yourself. When staying in a foreign hospital there will also be a medical bill that usually requires payment on discharge. If an interpreter isn’t on hand to explain the costs, this could leave you being overcharged.


Unlike language, laws are not the same all around the world. If you do get in trouble whilst away, it can be very difficult to follow what’s going on. Without a highly qualified interpreter on hand, often you do not understand the charges being brought against you. Poor interpretation could also mean you misunderstand the sentence given. Both of these are very serious errors that can easily be avoided with reliable and accurate translation.

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