If you’re interested in making living in another language easier, be sure to give the whym app a try. whym is taking translation apps to the next level.

Natasha Gabrielle, Live Learn Venture

It’s been a busy couple of months for whym and, boy, have we created a stir! whym was developed with the travel community in mind, so we thought: what better way to put our app to the test than to launch it head first into the booming travel blogger world?

Earlier this summer we hand-picked some of the best travel bloggers to test out our app on their next adventure. Our aim? We wanted experienced full-time travellers to give us, and the rest of the world, an honest review of whym: did they like the app? Was it a life saver in a real life travel crisis? Would they recommend it to their loyal readers and followers?

We put our hearts on the line, but today we can safely say that the risk paid off. So far, popular travel bloggers @LiveLearnVenture, @AnnaEverywhere, @Abrokenbackpack and @Talesfromafork have released their whym reviews. The result? Success! All four bloggers had nothing but great things to say about our translation for travel app


The getting lost situation happened to me quite often in South Korea since Google maps doesn’t work well there and my Korean was pretty lacking. The whym app makes things much easier to communicate in a foreign country rather than play the constant hand gestures game and using awkward translation phrases from Google Translate. Sarah Kim, Tales From a Fork

Ana Everewhere and A Broken Backpack even named us one of their top travel apps this year alongside HostelWorld, GoogleMaps, Rome2Rio and Booking.com to name a few of the biggies! From understanding horseback riding instructions in Brazil to asking locals for directions in Asia, whym has proved to be a ‘life saver’ in tricky travel situations across the globe.   


You call it an app. I call it a life saver! If I look back to my worst travel experiences, whym would have been really useful. I was lost in translation in Asia more than once: lost in Japan, confused by the currency exchange in Thailand, ended up in the wrong place in China…

Melissa Giroux, A Broken Backpack

whym is particularly useful in stressful situations.  I wish I had this app when I had to argue about my lost luggage in Brazil a few years ago. During this trip whym made understanding horseback riding instructions easy!

Anna Lysakowska, Anna Everywhere

So there you have it. The travel bloggers approve, but what do you think? Put us to the test and download whym today from Google play or the App Store to prepare for your next adventure!

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