The rise of technology may have made the world easier to navigate, but there’s one area where technology falls short: machine translation. Notoriously difficult, when accuracy really matters most people use a professional service to make sure the translation is accurate. However, those who just need a ‘quick’ fix often turn to Google Translate. But could it get us into a sticky situation? Keep reading to discover some of the best fails when it comes to Google translate:

Google can’t quite grasp the most important part of this sentence:

Although laughable, it is a serious error that could cause you to head to the wrong country.

Sometimes, Google just tells it like it is:

We don’t think “I’m not sure” would help you out much.

It’s a cult children’s TV show, but it isn’t scary:

We’re not sure where this one came from. But alas, it’s not very useful at all.

Sometimes Google tries its best, but doesn’t quite hit the mark:

Another point where Google doesn’t seem to understand the differences between countries.

And when it tries to tackle more complex tasks, the results are, as you’d expect, incorrect:

Complex sentence structures just aren’t Google’s strong point.

The above examples all show why whenever you are considering translating something, even if it is just a ‘quick fix’, it’s best to avoid simply copying and pasting from Google Translate.

Joking aside, poor translation can have serious implications. When travelling abroad, although using the internet to find the meaning of the odd word is generally okay, when it comes to sentences it’s best to avoid it at all costs. At whym, we guarantee that the translation services we provide are accurate and reliable. Our language experts provide peace of mind to all travellers who need help in a stressful situation. Download whym from the App Store or Google Play today and put us to the test!


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