It’s been a great month for whym. A couple of weeks ago we won the Business Travel crowd over at the Advantage Travel Conference, and today Rate My Placement has included us in their ‘Top 10 Small to Medium-sized Employers’ list. But so what, you ask?

Strictly no tea

Rate My Placement, the UK’s largest student recruitment platform, gather feedback every year from hundreds of undergraduates to assess which companies are offering the best opportunities in the workplace.

Among big names like Microsoft and Warner bros in the larger company categories, whym has been recognised as a startup that fully integrates its interns; encouraging them to push themselves and, most importantly, to be creative. In other words, there is strictly no tea-making allowed- unless you’re particularly gifted with a teabag and kettle, of course.

Why graduates?

From marketing and project management to design and web development, every year whym takes on 2-3 talented young graduates to become (very quickly!) part of team. Why? Because here at whym we truly believe that every dynamic, fast-paced company needs young minds to push the business forward.

Our job? To nurture and support young people’s talents and aspirations so that they produce the best work possible. You only have to look at our Marketing Manager (she started as an intern with us just last year) who is now commissioned by us to travel the world. We don’t just want them: we rely on creative young graduates to keep us on our toes. Anyway, how else would we get our heads round social media?

Get down with the kids, businesses

So, startups, scale-ups and big corporates:  if you haven’t already, it’s time to get down with the kids! Employing graduates with fresh ideas could be the boost your business didn’t even know it needed.


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