We’re delighted to announce the launch of our collaboration with CultureMee, the culture content platform, at the Business Travel Show 2019 . Together our platforms provide a complete toolkit for business travellers to support their activities abroad.

CultureMee is a content platform which unlocks the keys to the local culture for business travellers by helping them understand the local do’s and don’ts in an engaging way through our award-winning content.

whym.global are language specialists for the travel industry, developing services that travellers really need and want. With our whym:Translation for travel app individual travellers can connect to a live, human, professional interpreter or translator – at any time, directly from their smartphone.

Together, we help businesses build connections across the world.

For Business travellers: Our people-focused tools give them an edge when doing business abroad.

Have you ever been in negotiations when you were lost for words?

As in literally couldn’t speak the language?

Or maybe committed a serious cultural faux-pas?

These are two simple examples which show that not having the right tools can cost businesses millions in lost deals and broken relationships.

Our solutions are built by putting the business traveller at the centre of what we’re doing, so that they can do what they do best by surmounting any language barriers and avoiding any embarrassing cultural exchanges.

Make the right impression, understand, and be understood

CultureMee is the only culture platform that is targeting the business traveller, with content that is specifically created with the business traveller in mind. Compare your culture to the culture you’re travelling to. Watch engaging culture videos from the perspective of locals and visitors. And check out duty of care content.For those occasions a deeper strategic analysis of culture is required, connect with a cultural consultant for in-depth advice and insight.

And when lining up those all important meetings, jump from your diary to whym and book your online professional interpreter to join you straight from your device. Connect with whym.global’s expert interpreters, available around the clock, to confidently communicate. Need a last minute translation? Pop it into the app, and receive a quick-turnaround professional translation.

All in your pocket, for easy access whenever required.

Think of it another way. Imagine doing business blindfolded and silent.
This is what it feels like to do business without understanding the local culture and language.

To find out more, contact us. Or come meet us, and CultureMee, at Stand B380 at the Business Travel Show 20th-21st February 2019 for an informal chat.


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