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Is the whym app available on all smartphones?

whym is currently available on Android and iOS only.

Download the whym service from your App Store today!

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How much does whym cost?

whym is completely free to download from the App Store. To make a call to an interpreter, however, you will need to buy 5, 10 or 30 minutes of interpreter time through a safe in-app purchase. You can do this through the ‘Top up’ tab in the app.

How long are my interpreter minutes valid for?

Your interpreter time is valid for 12 months after your last in-app purchase with us.

Do I need an internet/data connection to use whym?

No, once you have downloaded and signed up with us, you do not need an internet/data connection to access an interpreter; it’s just like a regular phone call.
You will, however, need an internet/data connection to buy more interpreter minutes in the app.

Who pays for the telephone call?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover your phone bill for you. The call to our service will cost you the same as a normal telephone call to the UK if you are calling through a UK telephone provider.

This may be included in your contract, but if you’re away from home, this will probably cost you extra. Check with your network to confirm how much this will cost you.

How long does it take to be connected to the live interpreter?

Our average connection time to a live interpreter is within 60 seconds. In order to make a call, you open the app, tap on the phone icon, select the relevant language and confirm your call. You will then be directly connected to one of our professional interpreters in no time – no lengthy wait, no long menu options.

What happens if the live interpreter is not available?

You should be connected to the live interpreter within 1 minute. In the unlikely event that we cannot connect your call, you will be asked to try again later by an automated message. If this happens, hang up and try again in a few minutes.

If the problem persists, get in touch via our website or the ‘Help and Support’ tab in the app.

What happens if I run out of minutes during a conversation?

An automated message will give you a 2 minute warning that you are about to run out of minutes. You can buy more interpreter minutes via the ‘Top up’ tab in the app.

If you top up during a call these minutes will not be added to your current call, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will be connected to the same interpreter if you call back. If you think you might need a longer conversation, please make sure you top up before calling.

How do I check how many interpreter minutes I have left?

At the beginning of every call you make to an interpreter, an automated message will tell you how many minutes you have left. If you want to know how many minutes you have without calling an interpreter, simply select any language and hang up after the automated message.

I’ve changed my number, how do I update my whym account?

Contact us via the ‘Help and Support’ tab in the app or the ‘Get in touch’ section at the bottom of this page. We’ll sort it all out for you in no time.

Will more languages be added to the app?

Yes, we’re hoping to add new languages in the future, as well as adding new base language options beyond English. If you work in the travel industry and think there is serious demand for a language we do not yet offer, get in touch- we’d love to chat with you.

Is there a maximum call time?

From a technology perspective there is no maximum call time. You can keep talking as long as you have pre-paid minutes on your account. Please do remember that our interpreters are people, not machines. Interpreting is intense and tiring work. With that in mind, we suggest keeping an interpreter on call for no more than 60 consecutive minutes. You can always ring back into the service if you need extended call time.

If you’re a regular user and/or require lengthy sesssions, please contact us. We may be able to offer you a corporate deal that suits all parties better.

8, 30 or 60: how do I know how many minutes I'll need?

It’s hard to say how many minutes you might need for one call as it varies from case to case. We always recommend for you to be prepared with more minutes so that you’re never cut off unexpectedly when you’re in a stressful situation. Remember, any minutes you don’t use will be stored for your next call.

Having said that, here are some general guidelines to help you decide on the right minute bundle for you:

8 minutes: does the job for a quick-response in an emergency situation. 8 minutes will give you enough time to understand the immediate threat/problem and calm the situation down.

30 minutes: perfect for when you know there is going to be an extended conversation. For example, a doctor wants to explain a procedure, a mechanic wants to take you through the costs of repairs or a policeman requires more information from you after a traffic accident.

60 minutes: the sensible choice for the frequent traveller who knows they are travelling in areas where they do not speak the local language.

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