Translation for travel

When accuracy really matters, access an interpreter on your smartphone.

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whym: Translation for Travel

whym is an innovative language service for travellers, and the travel industry.
We deliver accuracy when it really matters, whether that’s an emergency situation or an important business meeting.

Find all your language needs, in one place, in your pocket.

Any device, anywhere

Our services are available worldwide and distributed on both Google Play and the Appstore.

For Android and iOS.

For mobile and tablet devices.

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Real accuracy by real people

When accuracy matters only a real, human interpreter will do.
With whym frustrating obstacles to communication are a thing of the past!

We work with some of the top talent in the language industry to ensure that you receive the best in accuracy and efficiency. All of our interpreters (and translators) are highly skilled, fully qualified, and experienced professionals.

Service Highlights

Quick connections

We aim to connect you to one of our live, professional interpreters within 60 seconds. Just a tap of your smartphone, no lengthy menus or call waiting times.

Payments on the go

Hassle free with in-app payments.
No need to have a card to hand.
Fully secure and reliable.

Wifi or Cellular Network

A choice of call connection type to suit the traveller’s budget and location. We ask at the start of each call as we know situations can change.


Our list of available languages is constantly evolving.
Depending on language version used, the list of language dynamically changes.
Our English version currently has 14 languages available.


Coming soon!
Interpreter booking in app (language/time/specialty).
Connect with the perfect interpreter for business meetings and important appointments.


Coming soon!
Get translations on the go.
Upload your content and engage a professional translator.

Language versions

whym is not just for the English speaker.
We currently have apps in English, Italian, and Mandarin; with more in development and on the way.
Our app is highly intuitive, we recognise the user’s mother tongue and, if there’s an appropriate language version, will automatically present app screens in their language.

Solutions for the Travel Industry

Find out how your business, and all your staff, can talk to your guests in their language.

Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you! Please use the contact form below to contact us.

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