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When accuracy really matters, access a live professional interpreter on your smartphone.

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What happens when a traveller needs desperate help but doesn’t speak the local language? Here at whym we’ve solved a problem that has existed since Columbus first discovered the Americas: “how can I get hold of an interpreter- right now?!” For those times where Google Translate doesn’t quite cut it, we provide a professional, affordable, human, interpreter at the finger tips of every traveller.

We’re looking for partners in the travel industry who share our vision of making travel safer, more comfortable and accessible to all. We welcome enquiries from any company that shares our vision.

Talk to us today about our tailor-made affiliate programme, white label opportunities, integrated app service and corporate deals to suit your business model by clicking on the ‘find out more‘ buttons below.  

whym for Travel Management Companies

Do you manage business travel? Are you looking for ways to enhance your traveller support services? whym can provide your corporate clients with personalised access to a professional interpreter at just one click of their smartphone– 24×7, on-demand and cost effectively.

whym for Hotels

From the moment your guests arrive at reception to the moment they check out, ensure there are no language barriers. Offer complete multi-lingual support for every one of your customers.

whym for Car Hire

What happens when your customers have an emergency (break down, accident, stopped by the police)? How do they communicate with emergency personnel, police, mechanics or other angry drivers when faced with a stressful situation? Provide each one of your customers with instant access to a professional interpreter, whatever the emergency.

whym for Business

whym for International Events

Do you run international events? Or shows that attract international visitors? Make building networks across languages simple with an interpreter in the pocket of each visitor, presenter and staff member.

whym for Airlines

How many of your customers are flying to countries where they don’t speak the local language? Might some of them experience stressful situations where accurate translation is important, such as lost luggage, a stolen passport or being taken in sick at a hospital? Whether you choose to integrate our service within your own app or to re-sell whym at the point of booking , our technology can provide your international flyers with peace of mind when they travel whilst making your services stand out from competitors.

whym for Business

whym for Tour Operators

Do you organise package holidays around the world? How many times has one of your local representatives been called out in the middle of the night to act as a make-shift interpreter in an emergency? With whym you can eliminate language barriers when it really matters by providing your customers with 24/7 access to a professional interpreter on their smartphones.


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